Ivan Henriques

Ivan Henriques works at WDKA since 2016.

Henriques is an artist, researcher and tutor at the Digital Craft course and the Living Station, with a vast experience in interdisciplinary practices which includes art/design/engineering/science, with a critical approach to how we have been dealing with the natural environment. At WDKA Henriques is implementing sustainability in the academy curriculum, based on system thinking and making.

Henriques has a background in the combination of art & science, and his interests go from symbiosis of the living with the non-living, communication with other specimens to bio-robotics. He considers nature as an inspiration and a necessary force and knowledge to shift the human-centered development of the technological world.

Henriques believes that education is the main pillar for the development of a sustainable world where we educate ourselves and help students make ecological decisions.

You can find Ivan Henriques at WDKA on Mondays, Tuesdays and the mornings of Wednesdays. You can email him at:


Sandrine D’Haene


At the Living Station Lab Sandrine D’Haene is welcoming you from Monday till Thursday.

If you are interested in knowing more about the Living Station Lab, you want to discuss your bio-project or want to give some insights, you are very welcome to contact her.

She gives station skills on a regular basis. 

Preferably contact her before coming so that she will have time for you: S.E.D.Haene@hr.nl.  

Sandrine D’Haene has a scientific background and long lab experience.

She studied biochemistry in Lille (North of France) and after working in the R&D of the big food industry (Cargill, Vilvoorde Belgium), she joined the Biophysics research group at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam that focused on studying the fast events in photosynthesis with ultrafast lasers. Trying to understand the secret of Nature has motivated her to get a Ph.D. in Biophysics. Her research focused on purple and cyanobacteria that are at the origin of (photosynthetic) life (thesis entitled “Regulation of Light Energy in Photosynthetic Bacteria”) 

She later worked on several artscience projects at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VUA) artscience lab, created in 2017 by Raoul Frese and the artist Ivan Henriques, a platform that merges scientific research with art and design. She took part in the Symbiotic Machines for Space Exploration (SymSE) program with Ivan Henriques, the Bio Arts and Design award “CMD, experiments in Bio-Algorithmic-Politics” with Michael Sedbon, “l’Origine du Monde” STARTS residency with Annemarie Maes, Kombutex with Samira Boon Studio, Studiotopia with the duo Evelina Domnitch – Dmitry Gelfand and Christiaan Zwanikken, the Smart Hybrid Forms program with Špela Petrič and Christiaan Zwanikken.  


Hi, I call myself Beam Contrechoc….(although my name seems to be Bram van Waardenberg).

Beam is a tutor at the WdKA, and I work as an artist-designer, for instance at the Fashion Tech Farm in Eindhoven.

I started in science and have a master (a so called drs.) in Astronomy and then studied autonomous art at “the academy”, now called the WdKA. I am working in e-textile design and am teaching at the WdKA from 2008.

My latest project is Interactive Publication Textiles at Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven: https://ddw.nl/en/programme/7234/interactive-publication-textiles

I have given courses on topics of design & technology: Energy for Designers, E-texiles, Energy Harvesting, Folding for Designers, Data Design, programming, electronics, knitting, Data Visualisation…


Busy during the ESA-NASA Space App hackathon 2015 with a dress changing on brain waves.


showing interactive cubes during the e-textile summercamp in France, Poncé-sur-le-Loir, 2016

jumping with kites during a project in France, 2019

starting an interactive garment shop in the Städtische Galerie in Bremen, 2022, https://www.staedtischegalerie-bremen.de/veranstaltungen/archiv-alt/news/vortrags-performance-mit-beam-contrechoc/


http://contrechoc.com/ —-the official, updated this summer…

https://www.flickr.com/photos/contrechoc/ ……the designer kitchen, where I post pictures nearly daily

https://airlaboart.wordpress.com/ …. extensive kite project in France

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDw3T5K2qls …. a movie making funny kites with poems

https://livingstations.wdka.nl/energy-fieldlab-in-action-elective-kites-energy/ ….about the latest elective: Kites and Energy







Kas Houthuijs

Kas Houthuijs is a tutor of the Living Station. Kas will be working on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and he will further develop the curriculum to build a sustainable future for all living forms.  

Kas Houthuijs has a background in neurobiology and biomedical sciences, but his real interest is in the interdisciplinary field of art and ecology. Real innovation happens where the visions of different fields can question and enhance each other.  

He also works for the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht, where he teaches BioLab for Designers as a course and at the Waag Future Lab in Amsterdam, where he teaches the BioHack Academy. 

He believes that artists and designers have great responsibility in the sustainability transition, and he tries to aid this goal through education.

If you are interested in knowing more, you want to discuss your bio-project or want to give some insights, you are very welcome to contact him.