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Week 26


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[NL] Worm hotel – the smallest hotelchain!

🌱 Composteren kun je leren! Met een wormenbak in je tuin, dak- of balkontuintje doe je dat namelijk gewoon lekker…

October 17, 2022
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Make A Topsy Turvey Planter From A Plastic Soda Bottle!

Today’s guest post is brought to you by Amida who writes at the wonderful blog, Journey Into Unschooling. Here she…

May 12, 2020
Living Station Inspiration

Biofabricate Platform – Material Innovator Series

  BIOFABRICATE is a platform for biomaterial innovators and consumer brands growing a sustainable future.   Bloom Foam – Algix BIOFABRICATE:…

May 11, 2020
Living Station Inspiration

Make a DNA Cocktail from strawberries

DNA. It’s what encodes the genetic material of every living thing. And it also makes a yummy cocktail. This video,…

May 11, 2020