Living Station

Week 26
  • Green Team

Maro Pebo

Maro Pebo is an Instructor at the Living Station, she enjoys guiding artists and designers in exploring the possibilities of creating with and for living organisms. She can teach you about working with microorganisms, microbial dyes, biomaterials, and edible sculptures.

Maro is an artist specialising in Bioart and Biodesign, one of her key interests is endosymbiosis, which is how species evolve and coexist in trans-species relationships. Last year, she showcased her works in two solo exhibitions exploring these themes.

PhD in Creative Media,  Maro has published and presented her research internationally, as well as curated exhibitions in the field of ArtScience. Her works have been displayed at Ars Electronica, Riga Stradins University Anatomy Museum in Latvia, the Toronto Design Festival, Gerdau Museum in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Multimedia Center in Mexico and The Lahore Media Arts Festival in Pakistan.


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