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Week 26
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Electives – Biomaterials for Designers

This week of Electives with the Living Station will explore biomaterials as a sustainable solution. Creating biomaterials is an innovative and sustainable approach that holds immense potential for addressing environmental challenges and revolutionizing various industries. By utilizing biological resources and processes, designers and researchers are developing materials that are renewable, biodegradable, and have a lower ecological footprint.

Future designers will think about the whole lifecycle of the materials and how they impact the natural world.

The Kick-off will give the main information and the students will discuss a particular material that they brought to introduce a personal relation to the choices to make when creating.


Lecture: the non-human

Kas Houtwijk gave a new perspective on the invisible but so present world of microorganisms.



Speculative prototypes were realized after experimenting with some basic recipes.



Bikeisko: a Kaleidoscope for happiness with biomaterials and microbes



Ecofriendly tobacco-packaging


Throat clamp: a reflection around our fragilities (animal cruelty and environment threat)