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Week 26
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4-11-22 Theater Rotterdam: The Unknown Sessions

The Unknown Sessions


Buried in forest litter or sprouting from trees, fungi might give the impression of being silent and relatively self-contained organisms. During these sessions with the overarching theme The Unknowns: An exploration beyond the mysteries of the fungi world, with invited artists, scientists, designers and activists, we dive into a collective process of examining the natural phenomenon fungi and it’s mysterious eco-social life to tell us about learning, problem-solving, inter-dependency, creativity, wisdom and intimacy. What is the function of the wood-wide web? Why do fungi help trees and plants communicate to each other? Or share resources? Are fungi-based new technology and artificial intelligence the future? Feel welcome and let’s discover the unknowns together!


12:30 –
Doors open
13:00 –
Start The Unknown Sessions
13:10 –
Lecture by Chris Julien – Outside the modern garden
14:00 –
A talk between Noor Stenfert Kroese and Prof. Andrew Adamatzky 
14:50 –
A mushroom buffet and thee break
15:15 –
A conversation on Thinking – Feeling with a Living Territory, Art as Reciprocity by Weaving Realities
– An artist talk Cloud Gazing and Offensive Sceneries by Amir Bastani


Place: TR – 8 location : Willam Bootlhlaan 8, Rotterdam.

Date : 4th of Nov 2022

Time: 12:30 – 17:00


More info and tickets, please do check the link.