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Week 25
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Hi, I call myself Beam Contrechoc….(although my name seems to be Bram van Waardenberg).

Beam is a tutor at the WdKA, and I work as an artist-designer, for instance at the Fashion Tech Farm in Eindhoven.

I started in science and have a master (a so called drs.) in Astronomy and then studied autonomous art at “the academy”, now called the WdKA. I am working in e-textile design and am teaching at the WdKA from 2008.

My latest project is Interactive Publication Textiles at Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven:

I have given courses on topics of design & technology: Energy for Designers, E-texiles, Energy Harvesting, Folding for Designers, Data Design, programming, electronics, knitting, Data Visualisation…


Busy during the ESA-NASA Space App hackathon 2015 with a dress changing on brain waves.


showing interactive cubes during the e-textile summercamp in France, Poncé-sur-le-Loir, 2016

jumping with kites during a project in France, 2019

starting an interactive garment shop in the Städtische Galerie in Bremen, 2022,

Websites: —-the official, updated this summer… ……the designer kitchen, where I post pictures nearly daily …. extensive kite project in France …. a movie making funny kites with poems ….about the latest elective: Kites and Energy